Focused Roundtables

Senior decision-makers from targeted organisations are invited to an intimate gathering over breakfast or lunch at a premier hotel or restaurant. During the approximately two-hour session, they discuss issues around a particular theme — for example, their readiness to implement a certain technology or their pain-points around a specific business process.

The idea is to get exclusive face-to-face time with end-users in the business community, listen to their challenges, and get unprecedented access to their specific requirements with respect to purchasing decisions. These roundtables provide excellent opportunities for sales teams to engage with potential customers in an informal setting.

A typical roundtable would involve the following:

  • Topic & theme jointly decided by Jicara Media and client prior to the event
  • All invitations and talking points will be handled by Jicara Media
  • One or two senior executive representatives from the sponsor will participate in the actual roundtable discussion
  • A moderator from Jicara media will act as facilitator of the discussion
  • Typically, 10-12 strategically targeted senior level attendees, invited by Jicara Media
  • A two-page article on the RT will be produced by Jicara Media and hosted on SMEhorizon, which in turn can be used for further lead generation
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